About Us

Madison Management Services, LLC is a private mortgage investment and servicing company that focuses on acquiring distressed mortgages nationwide. Madison Management Services focuses on helping to preserve homeownership, through creative solutions for each homeowner.

MMS was founded by Kevin Cordell, a veteran real estate and note investor. As an investor himself, Kevin created MMS to serve the needs of other investors. To this day, MMS offers professional, personalized attention to each of its investor-clients.

Our professional team also works individually with each homeowner to develop a plan for their specific situation that results in a win-win solution.

We always remember when we deal with borrowers that there’s a person on the other end of phone, and if can connect with them in a compassionate, transparent way, we will get better results for them and for the note-holder. Even though MMS has grown significantly since its early days, we still operate by the same core principles.

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